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Triplets work as one

A team of talented triplets are hoping their unique style of collaborative art will lead to them setting up their own full-time business.

Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel White, aged 22, who live together in Shrewsbury, are already selling their Art By Three artwork across the world but they dream of working together in their own artwork business.

The sisters moved to Shropshire 18 months ago from south west London with their parents Richard and Karen White who now live between Shrewsbury and Telford.

The sisters discovered their artistic talent when they were in primary school and were taught by their grandfather, Alan White, who was a commercial artist.

But at the age of 14, the three discovered that they could more than triple their talent by working together on each piece of artwork making the most of their individual artistic strengths in one combined piece of work. They describe it as symbiotic collaboration.

Sarah explained that they worked together to produce a draft sketch of a piece of artwork and then each sister worked on separate parts of the canvas, passing the work from one to the other.

“We all have an individual style and a collaborative style which works for the three of us together. As triplets we find that we are generally all on the same wavelength and that comes over when we are working together and can all draw on our particular strengths,” she said.

Their work ranges from wildlife and pets to landscapes, still life and portraits with the three working in all mediums including oils, acrylics, pencil and pastels. Most recently they have found that digital artwork particularly suits their collaborative style.

The triplets set up their Art By Three business in 2016 and quickly attracted interest through commissions and sales. They were also featured on the Sky Arts television channel as entrants in the Landscape Artist of the Year competition as wild cards

Their work sells particularly well in America but they have also sold originals as far afield as Australia. Their distinctive artwork is available in prints of all styles and sizes as well as greeting cards but also on products such as pencil cases, purses, clothing, cushions and stationery.

Since moving to Shropshire in April 2021, the triplets have been working with business advisers through the Marches Growth Hub Shropshire one-to-one specialist support programme. Experts at the growth hub have been helping them find new outlets for their artwork and fulfil their dream of making it a full-time business.

“At the moment we all work four days a week as Nuffield Health booking agents but we would really love to make our art a full time business as professional artists,” said Rebekah.

Now the triplets are looking for potential investors and considering crowd-funding to help expand their business as well as exploring other funding options.

“One goal would be for a large store to use our images on their products such as cushions or we would love to set up our own gallery and shop selling our artwork. We’re just looking for an opportunity that will work for us,” said Rachel.

The triplets can be contacted through their website or by email at artbythree@hotmail.com