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Healthy body = healthy mind

By Sian Brennan Todd

I see January as a brand new start to an exciting year ahead. Some people dread January and the dark nights and the hangover of Christmas still lingering, but the New Year is all about what you make it. And none more so than in business.

Businesses have to be creative and innovative to find ways to embrace the tighter month of January where everyone is less frivolous than the last month. Keeping yourself healthy and your mind focused on your goals are clear ways to embrace this time.

For me January is a good time to just slowly reset and revaluate a few key areas.

Number 1 – My mindset. This is key to a successful year in business. Knowing and manifesting what I want and how I want to get there. Sometimes the break we get over the festive period is what we need to take a moment and pause. Make sure you have a clear directive for your business and its goals when you step into the year ahead. Writing down each goal is a great start to work on achieving them. See it, believe it will happen, get to work.

Number 2 – My body’s reset. I, personally like to have fun and eat well over Christmas, but I always try and make "me" time in the form of exercise. I love to dance, and this is a great way to exercise as I can do it at home with just my stereo or in a class full of other dancers.

Moving my body always makes me feel better – my mindset shift can come from my body movements within minutes.

For others in business, sitting down and working/typing is how we spend so much time so I would encourage you to go for a walk, jog along the river or dance when you get home. You can even dance round the kitchen whilst making the dinner if you’ve had a sedentary day at work. This can be an easy way to make you feel better and clear your head.

The most important aspect is you enjoy January. For some they choose dry January as a challenge, for others they reset their mind or set the year to come with juices and meal plans.

I think in business we often prioritise external success as this can be our key driver. This year let's prioritise the work we do inside ourselves to strive for success professionally and personally.

In January, spend a moment to think about happiness in the year ahead – as the famous comedian Leslie Jordan said: “Happiness is a choice. Happiness is a habit. And happiness is something you have to work hard at. It does not just happen.”

So often we wonder why we're not happy, but the only person who can answer it is you. Make sure you stay committed and enthusiastic even when it can seem hard and a never-ending slog. Remember why you went into business and what you want to get out of it. Hard work and motivation is needed to ensure you fulfill your dreams in business.

This January choose happiness and maybe even spread it around like left over Christmas dust.