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Simon Jeavons

Simon Jeavons is the recently promoted group managing director of Shoothill and Housebuilder Pro in Shrewsbury.

IN ONE SENTENCE, WHAT DOES YOUR JOB INVOLVE? Until my recent promotion to Group MD, I used to joke that I had all the responsibility and none of the authority, and now it’s all the responsibility and almost all of the authority!  In real terms, I make sure our companies are performing, projects are on track, our team are happy and potential new customers are coming on board.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN YOUR CURRENT JOB? I've been with Shoothill since 2015 and been in and around IT since my first job out of college in 2001 where I was involved in an ERP transformation project for a large manufacturer.

HOW IS YOUR JOB IMPACTED BY UNCERTAINTIES IN THE ECONOMY? Companies are looking to improve their efficiency more than ever, so investing in systems and software is a great way to do this. As a result, Shoothill has grown exponentially over the last few years but there is plenty more to do. 

WHAT’S YOUR VIEW OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – AN OPPORTUNITY, THREAT, OR BIT OF BOTH? I think it’s a threat for those that don’t understand its benefits or at least refuse to. What it allows you to do is effectively eliminate your more monotonous work and spend more time on more challenging and higher billing tasks.

It’s just like moving from letters to emails and the internet, it’s a change. Yes, a lot of people lost their job with this, but new industries spawned around it like digital marketing, SEO agencies and of course software developers like us. I can see a future where job titles like assistant or researcher are changed to AI agent. We’ll literally employ people who are best skilled to operate AIs for maximum results.

HOW DO YOU HOPE YOUR COLLEAGUES WOULD DESCRIBE YOU? As a Swiss Army Knife – but in blue not red. I almost exclusively wear navy blue! I take pride in being a generalist and being able to leverage my experience to both navigate the challenging world of business and, more importantly, help our customers drive growth.

YOUR GREATEST STRENGTH IN THE WORKPLACE? Remaining unflappable and focused, our job is to guide businesses and entrepreneurs through the digital landscape. If we falter, there’s no hope for them.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN YOUR JOB? The biggest challenge in my job also brings the greatest reward; overseeing a variety of projects across numerous industries.

We have to absorb ourselves deeply into the specifics of each client's business, whether it's an architectural firm, a private healthcare provider, or a large construction company. This means constantly shifting gears is an essential part of our DNA.

YOUR PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENTS? Growing our subsidiary company Housebuilder Pro into the most innovative new homes software solution in the UK, now managing over £2 billion worth of property.

PET HATES? Receiving the office turkey, the cuddly toy trophy one receives for making a “minor oversight” at work.


HOW DO YOU RELAX AWAY FROM WORK?  I’m not sure if its relaxing or not really to be honest but a lot of spare time is taken up renovating our town house in Shrewsbury. Other than that, I am a big football fan and love to travel.

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SHROPSHIRE? I’m probably supposed to say something here about the countryside, but it must be the pubs. Shrewsbury has a fantastic choice of taverns.

SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM OF CHOICE? Linkedin, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

FAVOURITE MOVIE? Not a huge film buff to be honest – more likely to be found watching Peep Show or The Thick of It.

EARLY BIRD, OR NIGHT OWL? Early bird, I’m often in the office by 7.30am to get some admin tasks knocked off before the day really starts.

DREAM DINNER PARTY GUESTS, DEAD OR ALIVE? George Best, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs

WHAT WOULD YOU COOK FOR THEM? Whatever they fancied from the Indian takeaway!

TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT MOST PEOPLE PROBABLY WOULDN’T KNOW. I find it impossible to watch DIY SOS without bursting into tears.

AND FINALLY . . . WHAT DO YOU THINK THE NEXT 12 MONTHS HAS IN STORE FOR YOU, AND YOUR BUSINESS? Continuing to create apps, websites, growing our consultancy offering and of course some custom business software.