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Eric the Turkey is back...

Shropshire fans will be all a flutter to discover that Eric the Turkey is back as a superhero in his eagerly awaited annual Christmas musical video release – despite the best efforts of The Grinch!

The talented festive fowl, who has somehow managed to avoid the oven on December 25 for a decade, hopes to capture new fans with his latest adventure ‘Eric the Turkey Saves Christmas’.

Eric is the creation of Adrian Hill, the technology manager at Morris Lubricants in Shrewsbury and his fictional band, Jingle and the Bells.

Fans across the country wait with bated breath every December for his latest Christmas video instalment

Now the wait is over, as the video has gone live:

This year, Adrian’s preparations for Christmas Day keep going wrong due, unknown to him, to an outside infuence. Thankfully, Eric saves rescues him from the clutches of The Grinch and Christmas is saved!

Explaining the inspiration for the video, Adrian said: “Christmas, according to my wife, takes an immense amount of planning and preparation. Occasionally, I get jobs to do but, despite my best efforts, things can go wrong.

“On this occasion, maybe it’s not just bad luck, but the act of a mischievous creature trying to stop Christmas from happening? If The Grinch is real, there must be a hero that Santa calls when things start going wrong.

“Enter stage left… Eric the Turkey, a Christmas superhero who steps in to stop the Grinch in his tracks!!"

Adrian, who created Eric 10 years ago, has written the original song and music and produced the video himself with help from his son, Matt.

“I hope this year’s video will chime with viewers who have perhaps experienced a few mishaps of their own with their Christmas Day arrangements in the past,” he said

He has been writing funny Christmas songs for about 16 years to bring some festive cheer to his family, friends, workmates and growing army of fans.