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Inspiration for future leaders

Business ambassadors from across Shropshire had an opportunity to inspire future leaders at Shrewsbury School at the launch of an innovative careers event.

‘Future Leaders – Celebrating Shropshire’ is the brainchild of Andrew Goff, managing director of Interactive Opportunities Ltd.

In collaboration with Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and Shrewsbury School, he was keen to demonstrate to students the vast and exciting range of career opportunities that exist within Shropshire and the surrounding area.

Comprising a range of diverse workshops with ambassadors from 20 businesses and a student feedback session, the afternoon event was arranged for fourth form students at Shrewsbury School.

Andrew said he was delighted to be working with partners to launch the interactive “futures event” in Shropshire. “This event was very much about emphasising the exciting career opportunities available for young, emerging talent and the brilliant businesses we have in this region. 

“Business ambassadors shared what they do daily and what they enjoy about their work, while the students had the opportunity to question them.

“We hope that the afternoon of authentic interactions inspired the students to think about their futures, imagine what they could achieve, explore making those careers happen and see what purpose and enjoyment from those careers they could achieve.

“Making best use of emerging AI technologies, students also had the opportunity to carry out an AI video interview post event which added further to their careers advice support.”

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, Ruth Ross, added:  “Shropshire is not just a place of stunning natural beauty but also a hub of innovation and enterprise. This event highlighted our commitment to fostering a community where seasoned professionals and emerging talent shape the future together.

“This event offered students a unique opportunity to gain insights into diverse career paths, understand emerging technologies like AI and explore opportunities in Shropshire. By providing a platform for these exchanges, we are investing in future leaders who will drive our community towards greater innovation and success.”

Thanking all the business ambassadors who participated, she described the event as “a cornerstone for future career inspiration” which would “ignite a passion for lifelong learning and achievement in our young attendees”.

Chris Wain, Shrewsbury School’s head of Futures, said: “This event offered Shrewsbury School pupils a glimpse into the rich heritage and innovation this beautiful county offers.

“With the impact of AI dominating headlines associated with the ‘Future of Work’, this was a brilliant way for our pupils to understand how local businesses, many with a global presence, are adapting to the potential and challenges that this technology presents.

“I am confident that this will become an annual fixture in our futures calendar, which can be further extended to partner schools in the locality.”

Speakers at the workshops included ambassadors from Halls, 8 Financial Planning, Barclays Bank, AO Recycling, VITAL Drinks, Lily Shippen Recruitment, Start Tech, New Era Printing, Morris Lubricants, Thomas Horton Racing, Furrows Group, Shoothill, Shropshire Business Live TV, Agrii, EVC Solutions, Lanyon Bowdler, Sales Geek Shropshire, BUY-FROM Creative Agency, Lingen Davies Cancer Charity and Makefast.

Pictured: Interactive Opportunities Ltd managing director Andrew Goff with his Career Cards.