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It's in the can for Wenlock Spring

Wenlock Spring has launched its award-winning natural source water in aluminium cans in response to customer demand.

Both the company's still and sparkling water, which is drawn from a spring beneath Shropshire’s Wenlock Edge, are available in the new canned format.

The launch continues Wenlock Spring’s commitment to sustainable practices that help protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

Director Matthew Orme reported a rise in customer demand for cans as an increasing number of venues and events want to remove plastic from their shelves.

“The benefit of choosing cans over plastic is the power of recycling them. They can be recycled and remade into new cans in just 60 days – it’s a true closed loop. Recycling aluminium to make new cans uses 95% less energy than using raw materials which makes it a great choice.”

Wenlock’s move should prove useful to venues, with consumers increasingly turning to cans. In 2020, shoppers took home 561.7 million more single-use cans than they did in 2019.

The family run-business has built a reputation around sustainability. In the last six years, over half of the glass used to make their glass bottles was recycled. In 2018, Wenlock Spring launched a new plastic PET bottle made from over 50% recycled plastic, which uses 79% less energy to produce than new plastic. Their bottles, cans, caps, labels and case wrap are all 100% recyclable.

Mr Orme said: “It is fantastic to be able to offer our water in a new format that aligns with our mission to reduce our impact on the environment. Aluminium cans can be recycled again and again, proving to be an excellent choice for environmentally conscious venues. We not only have a corporate responsibility to be sustainable but a responsibility to future generations to make better choices.”

“Our canned format is perfect for outdoor events and festivals – they are light, convenient to store, and can be easily recycled.