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Prayers answered for Munich cathedral

Telford-based specialist manufacturers Fabweld Steel Products (FSP) and its German distribution partner Hatiba have won the contract to design and make custom-made recessed covers for a new pedestrianised zone around Munich’s most famous cathedral. 

The Cathedral Church of Our Lady – or Frauenkirche – is one of the city’s most famous landmarks, with two 100m high towers which are the most recognisable feature of the Munich skyline. Attracting millions of visitors every year, the gothic church is at the centre of a new pedestrianised zone which the City Council hopes will transform the area. 

FSP’s distributor Hatiba was asked to provide a quote for the bespoke recessed covers for the pedestrianised zone and the specification was for a stainless steel cover which would blend with the granite floor surface, but for maintenance purposes the cover had to be easy to lift.  

Wayne Carter, managing director at Fabweld Steel, said: “As the granite slabs weighed over 100kg, Hatiba recommended that German contractor G&B Bau München used our FAB PAVE S40 product which incorporates mechanical struts to assist in the lifting of the cover. This would reduce the weight of the granite to the equivalent of less than 17kgf, making it suitable for a one-person lift.”  

Hatiba chairman Jörg Ficks said: “We were very pleased to win the contract for the Frauenkirche development, delivering a product which brings together modern engineering and design with a granite infill to blend seamlessly into the historic surrounds."

Pictured: Fabweld Steel custom-made recessed covers feature in the pedestrianised zone in Munich