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Strategic partnership to boost tourism

Accounting and business advisory firm WR Partners has announced a significant partnership with Visit Shropshire, the official tourism organisation for the county.

This collaboration solidifies WR Partners' role as the designated accounting partner for Visit Shropshire, reinforcing their commitment to supporting and enhancing the growth of the local visitor economy.

John Fletcher, audit partner at WR Partners, said: "We are honoured to formally announce our role as the designated accounting partner for Visit Shropshire. The Shropshire Tourism sector attracts an incredible number of visitors to the county annually playing a pivotal role in the region, injecting hundreds of millions into goods and services.

"This thriving sector benefits retail, leisure, and hospitality and extends its positive impact across various industries, including food and drink, manufacturing, retail, and more.

"Despite the sector's current success, there is still immense growth potential, evidenced by recent public and private investments in Shropshire."

Ed Thomas, chair of Visit Shropshire, underscored the importance of collaboration and its role in the development of the visitor economy and referred to the figures released from the 2022 STEAM Economic Impact Study.

He said: "The Visitor Economy in Shropshire supports 8,474 jobs and is worth over £767 million to the local economy. This partnership is vital to our ongoing efforts to continue to grow our visitor economy and encourage investment into the tourism sector.

"It ensures that our members have access to the most up-to-date information, enabling them to make informed financial decisions and contributing to the overall success of Shropshire's tourism industry."

The collaboration between WR Partners and Visit Shropshire marks a milestone in fostering regional economic growth and supporting businesses that contribute to the vibrant visitor economy of Shropshire.