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Security firm sees spike in business

A Shropshire security company has seen a spike in business after a spate of rural crime.

Bosses at Bulldog Security Products in Much Wenlock are now urging people with all terrain vehicles and quad bikes to get them tracked and secured to stay one step ahead of the thieves.

It comes after a warning from West Mercia Police about an increase across the county in thefts of these types of vehicles and the importance of acting now to make sure property is safeguarded.

Bulldog managing director Ian Jordan said: “Quad bikes and all terrain vehicles are highly desirable targets for thieves and there is a thriving market out there for them. They can be stolen and passed on so quickly that it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to recover them.

“Vehicles are often stolen to order and the thief knows they have an outlet for them before they even carry out the theft. This is why prevention is so important and there are many ways of securing the vehicle.

“As an added insurance get your vehicle fitted with a tracker. They are simple to fit and an inexpensive system of keeping tabs on where your vehicle is, making it easier to recover.

“These vehicles are the most likely to be stolen in rural areas and we know police recovered two quad bikes recently because they had tracking devices fitted.”

Mr Jordan said they had seen an increase in buying on-line in recent weeks and also an influx of people booking in to have their tracker fitted at their site in Much Wenlock.

Police officers from Much Wenlock have visited Bulldog to collect some security advice leaflets for victims and to warn others with such vehicles.

“Bulldog Security Products fit a range of trackers to vehicles and we are finding more and more people are turning to us for help. The trackers can be monitored from your phone or other device so you know its location at all times.

“There are also cut-off options which mean when any unauthorised tampering is detected the engine is disabled.

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