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Beware being exposed by simple errors

Fluffy dice and flip flops could put your motor insurance at risk, according to a Shropshire expert.

Martin Pitchford, from Henshalls Insurance Brokers in Newport and Shrewsbury, said according to new research, around two thirds of drivers were committing simple errors that would leave them with no protection if they needed to make a claim.

“The research was carried out by uSwitch.com and the survey revealed a quarter of the people polled said they didn’t realise simple errors could mean their insurers may refuse to pay out.

“From putting off car maintenance when it is needed, to leaving your car unlocked, there are all kinds of reasons your insurance may actually be invalid.”

Mr Pitchford said the most common mistake – committed by 25% of the people surveyed – was wearing high heels or flip flops when driving.

 “Twenty-four per cent of those interviewed admitted leaving their vehicle unlocked, and 21% said they had put off car maintenance that should have been carried out.

“The next most common mistakes were forgetting to renew the car’s MOT on time (16%) and letting pets roam free inside the vehicle (15%).”

Other actions that motorists admitted and that could put their insurance cover at risk were: lending the car to a friend of family member; failing to update their details after changing jobs; attaching fluffy dice or another object to the rear-view mirror; forgetting to renew the vehicle tax on time; and underestimating the mileage travelled every day.

“It’s clear that some of these mistakes are probably a direct result of the busy lives we all lead, and the fact that we just don’t have time to keep on top of the administrative side of things,” said Mr Pitchford.

“But motoring claims can run into thousands of pounds, so it’s a very expensive mistake to make if your actions invalidate your cover and leave you out of pocket.

“Try to make a note of key renewal dates such as renewing your MOT or vehicle tax, and take a moment to think twice before you get into – or out of – the driving seat as it could save you making a costly mistake.”

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