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Motor insurance affected by career choice

Shropshire job seekers have been warned their career choices could affect the costs of their motor insurance.

But accountants need not worry – research has shown that they are likely to pay the cheapest premiums of all.

Anthony Hughes, from Henshalls Insurance Brokers in Newport and Shrewsbury, said the survey had revealed some unlikely facts and figures which job seekers may well want to take into consideration.

The survey by Compare The Market showed that entertainers and sports players were top of the league when it came to the cost of their premiums, and could pay almost double on average what other professionals were being charged.

“Obviously becoming a professional entertainer or a sports player is not going to happen for most of us, and you may well not be surprised that they are charged more, but the other jobs in the spotlight for high premiums might be more of a shock.

“Third on the list are DJs, with taxi drivers and chefs also in the top five for costly cover – and those careers are far more reachable for the vast majority of people. So, although it may not be a factor in choosing not to follow your dream career, it’s worth bearing in mind the way the insurance industry treats certain professions.”

Mr Hughes said at the other end of the spectrum, were astronomers, police officers and firefighters who all paid less than an NHS surgeon, a soldier or a Member of Parliament, according to the survey.

“The best news though is for accountants, who face the very lowest of all quotes, closely followed by ambulance drivers, judges, Queen’s Council, and paramedics.

“Of course, this league of premiums is based on average figures, and insurers apply a complex process to calculate the cost of someone’s cover. They take into account the time of day the driver is likely to be on the road, as well as the number of hours they may be behind the wheel, and the insurer’s previous claims history with a particular job category.

“Just be aware that your chosen career could have much wider-reaching consequences than simply dictating where you work and how you do it.”


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